Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Housing in Seattle: Trying Something New

I am getting ready to register for housing for the Seattle National Conference and I was having a tough time deciding what hotel to choose.

I am thankful that NACAC has instituted this new system connecting hotel reservations to conference registration. I also appreciate that they have expanded the number of hotels in the block. (There are 12 hotels in the block; there is no “host,” “main” or "headquarters” hotel). This is our national conference and we want everyone who is able to come to have a place to stay at a rate that we can afford!

After serving on the Local Arrangements Committee (LAC) last year and needing to be close to the convention center, I am ready to explore a bit this year.

I love Seattle and am excited about my opportunity to return to the city. As such, I was really torn about which hotel to select. There are distinct advantages to being connected to the convention center and at the closest hotel...it is an easy walk, you can run back and forth between sessions of necessary, run into colleagues in the lobby etc.

At the same time, this year I want to experience a little of the city, a little flavor and be able to take in all that is Seattle. Cost, location, frequent sleeper points, and how close lodging is to the things you want to do and experience all come into play when choosing a hotel when we travel, but I decided to step out a bit and try something new.

While all the hotels look and sound great right now (anything is better than reading these last files to go before the admission committee!) I liked the look of the Paramount--a hotel with a self described "European touch" (Will this count as my study abroad experience??). My walk will be the same, even if it is not a national chain and I love theatre, which is right next door!

Hopefully your housing registration will be a simple process for you and if the new system seems stress free, let the folks at NACAC know!

Please join us in Seattle in September and if you see me in my tie-dyed "Keep Austin Weird" t-shirt in the lobby, please stop and say hello!

Christine Bowman
Associate Director of Admission
Southwestern University
Local Arrangements Co-Chair--Austin 2007

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