Thursday, March 20, 2008

See You in September!

Ah Seattle--with the body of water to its west called Puget Sound, and the body of water to its east named Lake Washington and the cultural milieu of the city founded by First American Chief Noah Sealth--will welcome members of NACAC in late September for the 64th National Conference.

With great anticipation I look forward to joining all of you in Seattle. Sure we will discuss various admission policies and procedures, as well as attend some great plenary sessions and keynote speakers, but once business is complete, the city awaits!

Seattle boasts impressive nightlife coupled with wonderful food—especially if you are like me and enjoy seafood. For the seafood lovers, Wild Ginger is the place to be and for the carnivores, if you can get in, Metropolitan Grill is your place but don’t just take my word for it, see what says!

After your business is complete, don appropriate attire and head to the corner for that much needed cup of “Joe” at Starbucks, as Seattle is the founding city for this coffee powerhouse. With beverage in hand, take a walk through Pioneer Square and explore the many shops, museums and art galleries and continue that stroll for some of the most interesting sites and foods as you amble through Pike Place Market. If you are daring and not faint, travel 520 feet above the city and get a 360 degree view of Seattle and its environs via the Space Needle.

As you plan to travel west, north, or even east for those in Hawaii and south for our Canadians, Seattle is sure to be a delight but plan accordingly as meteorologist at report that, “there were four days in September with sunny sky conditions, fifteen days with partly cloudy sky conditions, and eleven days with cloudy/overcast sky conditions,” so bring your galoshes and umbrellas because we will most likely be “Singing in the Rain.”

But don’t let the weather dampen (pun intended) your spirits or your plans, as the city with its great culture, wonderful attractions and great food in which to explore will make the sun shine. Plus, there are old colleagues to catch-up with, friends to meet, and decisions to make and what better city to do it all in than Seattle! See you in September!

Brian K. Smith is the Senior Associate Director of College Counseling at the Baylor School in Chattanooga, TN. He's never lived in Seattle, but he's visited on several occasions while traveling in college admissions. This year's conference will mark Brian's 10th time as an attendee.

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