Friday, June 27, 2008

NACAC Goes Green

As the 64th National Conference in Seattle approaches, a city known for its greening efforts, NACAC has taken a closer look at the impact we are making on the environment.

While NACAC strives to provide our members with a supportive community in which to help students prosper and grow, we've also sought over the years to recognize the impact we have on the global community. (NACAC adopted its Recycling Counseling and Admission Publications and Materials policy in 1991.) In an effort to address growing environment concerns and become more environmentally-friendly and ecologically responsible, NACAC will kick off its greening initiative at the 64th National Conference.

NACAC has partnered with the Washington State Convention Trade Center to help reduce waste by replacing trash cans with recycle bins and printing all material on post-consumer recycled paper.

In addition, NACAC presenters, sponsors and exhibitors are encouraged to print materials on recycled paper and to print and ship a reduced quantity of materials to reduce waste. Electronic copies of educational session handouts and attendee lists will be available online rather than in printed form to reduce waste. Reducing the harmful impacts on the environment, however, will not stop in Seattle.

NACAC is committed to pursuing green printing practices and will begin offering some publications exclusively online. In 2009 the Membership Directory will be available exclusively online in an electronic Web-based format. The new format will provide current information, updates, and easy-to-use search options and access to your colleagues and service providers. By going green NACAC will continue providing innovative services that will benefit both our members and the environment.

Watch for the green symbol to indicate publications that will be available exclusively online in the future.

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