Thursday, July 17, 2008

Admission Middle Management Institute goes to Seattle

Even though it's a hot, humid day here in Orlando (or maybe *because* it's a hot, humid day here), I'm looking forward to another session of the Admission Middle Management Institute (AMMI) on September 23 and 24 in Seattle, just prior to the National Conference.

Every year, along with my fellow faculty and great speakers, we meet with rising admission professionals to discuss life in the "middle" of our profession. If you're no longer a counselor, have taken a bigger role in your office, and are still a step or two away from being a dean or director, AMMI is for you.

Specifically in AMMI you will:

1. Develop your problem solving skills - learn from others who face similar issues, or have already solved them and moved on to other challenges. Lots of case studies and time for informal discussions on "best practices."

2. Learn more about your personality type, as well as those of your boss and your colleagues. Become your office facilitator for DiSC, and use it at a future staff retreat.

3. Hear from guest experts. Come hear from admission veterans as they talk about their careers from a professional development and leadership perspective. This year, our guest experts will be Nanci Tessier from the University of Richmond and Bob Massa from Dickinson College.

4. Come visit the coffee capital of the world - Seattle. AMMI will be a great way to start the national conference too!

For me, attending AMMI in 1999 myself was the single most significant professional development experience in 16 years in college admission. We talked about issues beyond the daily office routine, thought deeply about our own places in the profession, and made professional connections that I continue to enjoy to this day. AMMI was a great boost for my outlook on my career and my understanding of the work that a office leader needs to accomplish.
Here are what some of our more recent participants have had to say about AMMI too:

AMMI allowed me the opportunity to brainstorm with colleagues at other institutions and work with a caring and experienced faculty, while also hearing from some true leaders in the field. I gained both perspective as well as new mentors and walked away from the experience re-energized.
- Cristan Trahey, American University

One of the most valuable lessons from AMMI was how to adapt to a role in which I needed to manage my workload to both my supervisor and to those whom I was managing. I learned how to use my strengths to gain advancement and earn more opportunities toward further professional growth within my institution and beyond. The faculty at AMMI offered me ongoing guidance and support as my professional career evolves. After all these years, I still consider the faculty true mentors and friends!
- Jillian Rothschild-Scholar, Argosy University

AMMI provides useful tips/advice from knowledgeable facilitators, plus the chance to connect with twenty other Assistant/Associate Directors from across the country. The institute is very interactive---you spend time in groups working through real challenges/issues that experienced admissions professionals face nearly every day.
- Kyle Downey, Cornell University

If you are "in the middle" of your admission office, please join us.
More information is available on the NACAC web site and the AMMI faculty blog.

See you in Seattle,

Rob Springall, AMMI Co-director
Associate Director of Undergraduate Admissions
University of Central Florida Orlando