Wednesday, September 10, 2008

NACAC Endorses a Presidential Candidate (Find Out Who)

Now that we have your attention...

NACAC will remain nonpartisan, of course. However you should be doing your homework about how our presidential candidates stack up in their support for higher education. Your NACAC Government Relations Committee will make it easy for you. We've prepared a special session at the upcoming conference called "ELECTION 2008". Come and find out where they stand and dialogue with your colleagues about who you support and why:

Election 2008: How the Candidates Stack Up on College Admission Counseling Issues Session
A110 ('A' Education Session)
Thursday, September 25
3:15 - 4:30pm Room 4C-3

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See you in Seattle,

Craig Dodson
Associate Director of Admission
La Salle University
Chair, NACAC Government Relations Committee

Joe Tweed
Director of College Counseling
Trinity-Pawling School
NACAC Government Relations Committee