Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Welcome to Seattle! We're Glad You're Here

Welcome to Seattle! We hope you are enjoying this wonderful city and all that is has to offer.

If you have arrived in Seattle and have not been to the Washington State Convention and Trade Center to check things out, remember to bring your badge. You will not get very far if you forget your badge.

Upon arrival at the Convention Center, head to the 4th floor to have your badge scanned and to pick up a badge holder and tote bag full of important information--including your Program Book.

When you get off the escalators on the 4th floor, badge scanning will take place to your right. If you forgot your badge or still need to register, head to your left to on site registration.

Once you have checked in, if you find yourself needing information about the conference, head towards the Exhibit Hall area to the NACAC Information Booth. You can also purchase Imagine Fund raffle tickets at the Information Booth when the Exhibit Hall is not open. You can save yourself some time by filling out the raffle ticket paperwork that is included in your tote bag. Your contribution will support Presidents' Council Grants, research projects and other NACAC initiatives.

Thursday is shaping up to be a big day! Registration opens at 7 am. Preconference Seminars begin at 8:30 am. The Exhibit Hall opens at 10 am. First-Timers' Orientation begins at 11:30 am. And you will not want to miss the Opening Session with our Keynote Presenter, Randy Snow at 1:00 pm.

Other afternoon notables include Exhibitor Presentations at 3 pm, "A" Educational Sessions at 3:15 pm, afternoon Exhibit Hall hours begin at 3 pm, State and Regional General Membership Meetings at 4:45 pm and don't miss out on a fabulous networking opportunity at 6:30 pm when many of your colleagues will attend the Welcome Reception.

Finally, we'll leave you with a little photo tour from downtown, Seattle. Enjoy:

The entrance to Pike Place Market.

Beautiful fruit at Pike Place Market.

A vendor at Pike Place Market peels fresh vegetables.

A sampling of crabs at the market.

Fresh fish at the Market.

The very first Starbucks to open its doors in Seattle.

A view of the mountains.

Tourists take a breather.

The Seattle Aquarium.

More mountain views.

A ferry boat arrives at port.

The catch of the day.

If you have photos to share, send them to and we'll post them in upcoming blog postings.