Monday, March 31, 2008

Nuggets of News from NACAC: Preconference Workshops and Seminars

Don't forget to register for these preconference workshops and seminars

Imagine the benefit of having professional development before the conference officially begins. NACAC is offering preconference sessions and workshops September 23-25 in Seattle (WA).

Seize the opportunity to experience in-depth and exciting full day workshops and three-hour seminars.

This year’s series include:

Admission Middle Management Institute (AMMI)
In the middle, on the way to the top, college admission middle managers are the connectors between office deans and/or directors. Join your fellow middles for engaging discussion on:
  • management and supervision
  • career planning
  • communicating with your dean/director and much more

Learn more about AMMI.

Management Experience in College Admission (MECA)

Join us for a hands-on, fast-paced, dynamic professional development program for the rising enrollment management executive with three years experience or less. Those transitioning to deans or director are also welcome. Topics for discussion include:

  • technology in admission
  • personnel issues
  • strategic budget planning
  • generational issues in admission
  • emotional intelligence and leadership
  • communicating with the media
  • enrollment management and planning
Learn more about MECA.

College Counseling in Cyberspace: Strategies for Using Online College Counseling Tools

This program is geared towards high school, independent and admission professionals. Presented in collaboration with the Higher Education Consultants Association (HECA), this workshop will emphasize providing tools and strategies for searching, evaluating and using online resources. Topics include, but are not limited to, finding resources for: college preparation, college selection, college applications, social networking and scams. Learn more.

Transitioning to Private Practice College Consulting
So, you want to go solo? This one-day workshop provides professionals with the 10 keys for success to starting and building your independent counseling practice. This workshop will be presented in conjunction with the Independent Education Consultants Association (IECA).
Topics for discussion include:
  • writing a transitional business plan
  • ethical and effective marketing
  • your role as an independent consultant

Ready to Enroll? Register NOW!
Enrollment is limited for all preconference events. Visit Seattle's Preconference Web page for more information and to register.

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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

NACAC at its Best: Networking, Professional Development and Much More!

NACAC's annual National Conference is a great chance to network with colleagues from across the country -- and around the world -- and it's also the association's most comprehensive professional development opportunity.

Whether you're new to the profession -- or more "seasoned" like me --you'll find workshops that will interest you and help you grow as a professional. The Professional Development team at NACAC and the members of the Professional Development Committee selected the 2008 program from more than 300 workshop proposals. That means there will be something for everyone--lots of variety and lots of choices!

Many of the standing committees, like Admissions Practices and Current Trends and Future Issues will have time set aside to provide updates and answer questions. The Board of Directors will hold a session, too, and I hope that many people will attend.

The conference won't stop when the sun goes down in Seattle. The welcome reception and Saturday night social "bookend" the activities, but each evening is a chance to have some fun and do some informal networking. I always try to meet as many new people as I can during the conference and I have longtime friends and colleagues from all over the world as a result.

So get ready for NACAC 2008 by checking this blog and the updates that you'll find at Ask questions if you have them. Review the program when it's posted. If you're a first-time conference attendee, make the First Timers' Meeting your first stop in Seattle.

The annual conference is an example of NACAC at its best and I hope to see you there!

Lisa SohmerLisa Sohmer
Director, 2007-08 NACAC Board of Directors
Director of College Counseling
Garden School, NY

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Thursday, March 20, 2008

See You in September!

Ah Seattle--with the body of water to its west called Puget Sound, and the body of water to its east named Lake Washington and the cultural milieu of the city founded by First American Chief Noah Sealth--will welcome members of NACAC in late September for the 64th National Conference.

With great anticipation I look forward to joining all of you in Seattle. Sure we will discuss various admission policies and procedures, as well as attend some great plenary sessions and keynote speakers, but once business is complete, the city awaits!

Seattle boasts impressive nightlife coupled with wonderful food—especially if you are like me and enjoy seafood. For the seafood lovers, Wild Ginger is the place to be and for the carnivores, if you can get in, Metropolitan Grill is your place but don’t just take my word for it, see what says!

After your business is complete, don appropriate attire and head to the corner for that much needed cup of “Joe” at Starbucks, as Seattle is the founding city for this coffee powerhouse. With beverage in hand, take a walk through Pioneer Square and explore the many shops, museums and art galleries and continue that stroll for some of the most interesting sites and foods as you amble through Pike Place Market. If you are daring and not faint, travel 520 feet above the city and get a 360 degree view of Seattle and its environs via the Space Needle.

As you plan to travel west, north, or even east for those in Hawaii and south for our Canadians, Seattle is sure to be a delight but plan accordingly as meteorologist at report that, “there were four days in September with sunny sky conditions, fifteen days with partly cloudy sky conditions, and eleven days with cloudy/overcast sky conditions,” so bring your galoshes and umbrellas because we will most likely be “Singing in the Rain.”

But don’t let the weather dampen (pun intended) your spirits or your plans, as the city with its great culture, wonderful attractions and great food in which to explore will make the sun shine. Plus, there are old colleagues to catch-up with, friends to meet, and decisions to make and what better city to do it all in than Seattle! See you in September!

Brian K. Smith is the Senior Associate Director of College Counseling at the Baylor School in Chattanooga, TN. He's never lived in Seattle, but he's visited on several occasions while traveling in college admissions. This year's conference will mark Brian's 10th time as an attendee.

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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Housing in Seattle: Trying Something New

I am getting ready to register for housing for the Seattle National Conference and I was having a tough time deciding what hotel to choose.

I am thankful that NACAC has instituted this new system connecting hotel reservations to conference registration. I also appreciate that they have expanded the number of hotels in the block. (There are 12 hotels in the block; there is no “host,” “main” or "headquarters” hotel). This is our national conference and we want everyone who is able to come to have a place to stay at a rate that we can afford!

After serving on the Local Arrangements Committee (LAC) last year and needing to be close to the convention center, I am ready to explore a bit this year.

I love Seattle and am excited about my opportunity to return to the city. As such, I was really torn about which hotel to select. There are distinct advantages to being connected to the convention center and at the closest is an easy walk, you can run back and forth between sessions of necessary, run into colleagues in the lobby etc.

At the same time, this year I want to experience a little of the city, a little flavor and be able to take in all that is Seattle. Cost, location, frequent sleeper points, and how close lodging is to the things you want to do and experience all come into play when choosing a hotel when we travel, but I decided to step out a bit and try something new.

While all the hotels look and sound great right now (anything is better than reading these last files to go before the admission committee!) I liked the look of the Paramount--a hotel with a self described "European touch" (Will this count as my study abroad experience??). My walk will be the same, even if it is not a national chain and I love theatre, which is right next door!

Hopefully your housing registration will be a simple process for you and if the new system seems stress free, let the folks at NACAC know!

Please join us in Seattle in September and if you see me in my tie-dyed "Keep Austin Weird" t-shirt in the lobby, please stop and say hello!

Christine Bowman
Associate Director of Admission
Southwestern University
Local Arrangements Co-Chair--Austin 2007

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Monday, March 17, 2008

Welcome to NACAC's 64th National Conference Blog!

It is my pleasure to welcome you to NACAC's National Conference Blog --a first for NACAC--as we enter the world of Web 2.0.

We hope you will bookmark our blog and check it often as we will keep you informed about many of the activities planned for this year's 64th National Conference in Seattle, Washington, September 25-27, 2008.

The NACAC national conference is the premiere professional development event for admission counseling professionals and we welcome secondary school counselors, independent counselors and educational consultants, admission and enrollment officers, financial aid administrators, community college representatives, and affiliate organizations to plan for the future of students around the world.

The Professional Development Committee, Pacific Northwest Local Arrangements Committee and NACAC national office staff have created an outstanding conference, including:

  • More than 20 preconference seminars and workshops, Tuesday through Thursday, offering in-depth, hands-on training on admission-related topics;

  • More than 100 thoughtful and provocative conference sessions, Thursday through Saturday, on important policies, procedures, issues, and trends affecting the students we serve and the profession;

  • Prominent national speakers, who will offer vibrant perspectives on education, public policy and our changing generations, Thursday and Friday;

  • The Exhibit Hall featuring over 200 companies providing products and services of interest to counseling and admission professionals; and

  • Counselors’ Preview Day and the Counselors’ College Fair on Friday.
In addition to these conference staples, back by popular demand this year are Special Interest Groups, Exhibitor Presentations and the Conference Bookstore with a selection of must have materials for admission professionals. Ongoing updates regarding the conference can be found at:

Registration for the national conference is now open and we hope you plan to join your colleagues from around the world for a stimulating and challenging professional experience! REGISTER TODAY!

The Pacific Northwest ACAC is eager to share the highlights of their city and their region with conference attendees. Seattle is rich in cultural diversity along with four-star restaurants, music and nightlife, historical sites and museums, and parks and recreation facilities.

On behalf of the NACAC Board of Directors, Pacific Northwest ACAC’s Executive Board, the Local Arrangements Committee, and NACAC staff, I urge you to take part in this outstanding event.

The National Conference promises incredible speakers and outstanding professional presentations, great networking opportunities, as well as the opportunity to contribute to important decisions about the future direction of our association.

I look forward to welcoming you to Seattle!

Kimberly Johnston
NACAC President

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